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The car audio stuff on this website is awesome and cheap!

. we just updated our gallery! we've got mad sunfires and GTIs!!!

. a big 'wuz up' to all custom car fans!

. welcome on your website! we just updated the car and model galleries and you can also find some new wallpapers to download. if you can send us a picture of your or your favorite car, and we will post it in our gallery. we hope you enjoy the pictures and article.

. do you live near north carolina? do you have an old golf gti that you don't really need anymore? if so, contact us and if the engine of the car is in good condition, we might just take that car and tune the sh*t out of it. support the x3c "gti" project car!

. have phun

. x3z crew


. if you would like to sponsor the x3c, and/or advertise on our website please contact us. all kinds of sponsors are welcome.

. we are planning to buy and used vw gti and convert it to a phat racing car. if you would like to support us you are welcome to contact us. all kinds of sponsors.

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